My workshop is currently located in Goleta, CA. about 10 Miles north of Santa Barbara.   


-Left   I do most of my work using a large bench mounted torch to melt the glass. I then use a glass blow tube and handle to blow out, twist and manipulate the glass, and then I use metal and graphite tools to further shape it.


Right- I use a kiln to keep parts of a piece hot while working on other parts and then use it cool the finished pieces slowly so they don’t crack.


In this video I am attaching a fin to a Lionfish.  


In the back of my shop there is a separate room for metal working and wood working and for cold working glass.
I build the frames for my chandeliers in this room and do any cutting or grinding of my glasswork.  


Right- Coldworking tools, saw and lapidary wheel. (Bottom of Photo) 


In this video I am using a  piece of equipment called a Furnace. The furnace has a pot of molten glass, either colored or clear, that I can dip into. In this video I am dipping a piece of colored tubing in a different color to make a tentacle for an octopus chandelier. 



-Left   When I need to make something that is larger than I care to do by hand I can use my glass lathe. The lathe turns the glass for me and my torch can move back and forth on the bed of the lathe. One of the arms of the lathe (chucks) can also move in and out so I can gather or stretch the glass.


Right-  In this video I am making a bowl on my lathe.